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20 dBi Gain, WR-19, U Band Rectangular Horn Antenna


4 to 6 Weeks ARO

20 dBi Gain, WR-19, U Band Rectangular Horn Antenna

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Minimum Frequency:
40 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
60 GHz
20 dBi
3 dB Beamwidth, E-Plane:
3 dB Beamwidth, H-Plane:
Return Loss:
23 dB
Antenna Port:
WR-19 Waveguide

Model SAR-2013-19-S2 is a U-band pyramidal horn antenna that operates from 40 to 60 GHz. The antenna offers 20 dBi nominal gain and a typical half power beamwidth of 14 degrees on the E-plane and 16 degrees on the H-plane. The antenna supports linear polarized waveforms. The input of this antenna is a WR-19 waveguide with UG-383/U-M flange.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 40 GHz
Maximum Frequency 60 GHz
Gain 20 dBi
3 dB Beamwidth, E-Plane 14°
3 dB Beamwidth, H-Plane 16°
Return Loss 23 dB
Antenna Port WR-19 Waveguide
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