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3 dB Attenuation, 2.4 mm Male to Female, DC to 50 GHz, 1 Watt Coaxial Fixed Attenuator


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DC to 50 GHz, 3 dB, 2.4 mm Coaxial Fixed Attenuator

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Minimum Frequency:
Maximum Frequency:
50 GHz
3 dB
Return Loss:
19 dB
Power Handling:
1 W
Connector 1:
2.4 mm Male
Connector 2:
2.4 mm Female

Model SCA-03-2M2F-S2 is a 3 dB coaxial attenuator that is used in millimeterwave systems and operates from DC to 50 GHz. The attenuator has a typical attenuation value of 3 dB across the frequency range. While the attenuator is designed and fabricated for full 2.4 mm coaxial band applications, the attenuation value of this model will have a wide range due to its broadband coverage. Various attenuation values are available under different model numbers.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency DC
Maximum Frequency 50 GHz
Attenuation 3 dB
Return Loss 19 dB
Power Handling 1 W
Connector 1 2.4 mm Male
Connector 2 2.4 mm Female

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