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33 to 50 GHz, DC to 17 GHz IF, +13 dBm LO Power, WR-22 Waveguide, Q Band Balanced Upconverter


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Balanced Upconverter 33 to 50 GHz, DC to 17 GHz IF, +13 dBm LO Power, WR-22 Waveguide, Q Band

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Minimum RF Frequency:
33 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency:
50 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency:
33 GHz
Maximum LO Frequency:
50 GHz
Minimum IF Frequency:
Maximum IF Frequency:
17 GHz
LO Pumping Power:
+13 dBm
Conversion Loss:
7 dB
RF Port:
WR-22 Waveguide

Model SFU-22-N1 is a Q-Band balanced upconverter that utilizes high performance GaAs Schottky beam-lead diodes and a balanced circuit configuration to offer superior RF performance. The upconverter supports the full waveguide band operation for both LO and RF frequencies from 33 to 50 GHz with an extremely broad IF output from DC to 17 GHz. The upconverter offers a conversion loss of 7 dB typical and a high RF to LO port isolation of 30 dB.

Technical Details

Minimum RF Frequency 33 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency 50 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency 33 GHz
Maximum LO Frequency 50 GHz
Minimum IF Frequency DC
Maximum IF Frequency 17 GHz
LO Pumping Power +13 dBm
Conversion Loss 7 dB
RF Port WR-22 Waveguide
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