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4 dBi Gain, 64 to 66 GHz, WR-15 Waveguide Connectors, V Band Microstrip Patch 1x4 Array Antenna


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4 dBi Gain, 64 to 66 GHz, 7 dB Return Loss, WR-15 Waveguide Connectors, V Band Microstrip Patch Array Antenna (SAM-6436630395-15-L1-4W)

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Minimum Frequency:
64 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
66 GHz
4 dBi
3 dB Beamwidth (Vertical, Horizontal):
50°, 95°
Sidelobe Level:
-12 dB
Return Loss:
7 dB
Antenna Port:
WR-15 Waveguide

Model SAM-6436630395-15-L1-4W is a linear polarized, 65 GHz microstrip patch 1 x 4 array antenna. The antenna array implements four individual antenna ports so that beamforming can be achieved via various input signal definitions. The individual patch antenna has a typical gain of 4 dBi, a vertical beamwidth of 50 degrees and horizontal beamwidth of 95 degrees, respectively. When all ports are fed with in-phase and equal amplitude signals, the combined gain and beamwidth of the array are 12 dBi and 40 degrees, typically. The antenna is constructed with a high performing, low loss soft microwave substrate to achieve the best performance in the class. The RF interface is four WR-15 waveguides with UG-385/U compatible flanges.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 64 GHz
Maximum Frequency 66 GHz
Gain 4 dBi
3 dB Beamwidth (Vertical, Horizontal) 50°, 95°
Sidelobe Level -12 dB
Return Loss 7 dB
Polarization Linear
Antenna Port WR-15 Waveguide

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