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4 to 12 GHz, 25 dB Rejection from 12.5 to 50 GHz, Coaxial Bandpass Filter


8 to 10 Weeks ARO

4 to 12 GHz, 25 dB Rejection from 4 to 12 GHz, Coaxial Bandpass Filter

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Passband Frequency:
4 GHz
Passband Frequency:
12 GHz
Low Side Rejection:
25 dB
High Side Rejection:
25 dB
Insertion Loss:
1.5 dB
50 Ohms
RF Ports:

SCF-08308320-SFSF-B1 is a coaxial bandpass filter to pass the frequency of 4 to 12 GHz. The maximum insertion loss of the bandpass filter is 2.0 dB and passband ripple is ±0.5 dB. The rejection frequencies are 3.5 GHz or less and 12.5 GHz or higher and the minimum rejection is 20 dB . The RF connectors of the the filter are SMA (F) connectors. The passband VSWR of the filter is 2:1 maximum.

Technical Details

Passband Frequency 4 GHz
Passband Frequency 12 GHz
Low Side Rejection 25 dB
High Side Rejection 25 dB
VSWR 2:1
Insertion Loss 1.5 dB
Impedance 50 Ohms
RF Ports SMA (F)
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