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41 to 45 GHz, DC to 1 GHz IF, +16 dBm LO Power, WR-22 Waveguide, Q Band Quadrature Mixer


6 to 8 Weeks ARO

Quadrature Mixer 41 to 45 GHz, DC to 1 GHz IF, +16 dBm LO Power, WR-22 Waveguide, Q Band

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Minimum RF Frequency:
41 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency:
45 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency:
41 GHz
Maximum LO Frequency:
45 GHz
Minimum IF Frequency:
Maximum IF Frequency:
1 GHz
LO Pumping Power:
+16 dBm
Conversion Loss:
11 dB
RF Port:
WR-22 Waveguide

Model SFQ-41345311-2222SF-N1 is a Q Band quadrature mixer that covers the frequency range of 41 to 45 GHz. The typical conversion loss of the quadrature mixer is 11 dB with an LO driving power of +16 dBm. The typical LO to RF port isolation is 30 dB. Since the IF port of the quadrature mixer is DC coupled, the mixer can be used as a phase detector. In addition, the mixer can be readily configured into an image rejection mixer or single sideband modulator by adding an IF quadrature coupler.

Technical Details

Minimum RF Frequency 41 GHz
Maximum RF Frequency 45 GHz
Minimum LO Frequency 41 GHz
Maximum LO Frequency 45 GHz
Minimum IF Frequency DC
Maximum IF Frequency 1 GHz
LO Pumping Power +16 dBm
Conversion Loss 11 dB
RF Port WR-22 Waveguide

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