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55 to 67 GHz, 20 dB Port Isolation, WR-15 Waveguide, V Band, 4-Way In-line Power Divider


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Waveguide Power Divider 55 to 67 GHz, 20 dB Port Isolation, WR-15 Waveguide, V Band, 4-Way 180°

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Minimum Frequency:
55 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
67 GHz
Insertion Loss:
1.0 dB
Port Isolation:
20 dB
Amplitude Imbalance:
±0.2 dB
Port VSWR:
Power Division:
4 Way
In-line (180°)
Input/Output Ports:
WR-15 WG

Model SWP-55367304-15-E1 is a V-band, 4-way waveguide power divider with a 20 dB typical port isolation and a nominal insertion loss of 1.0 dB at each output port. The ports are well balanced and in phase for either power dividing or power combining applications across the frequency range of 55 GHz to 67 GHz. This power divider comes as an in-line configuration with WR-15 waveguides and UG-385/U flanges at the input and all outputs.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 55 GHz
Maximum Frequency 67 GHz
Insertion Loss 1.0 dB
Port Isolation 20 dB
Amplitude Imbalance ±0.2 dB
Port VSWR 1.2:1
Power Division 4 Way
Configuration In-line (180°)
Input/Output Ports WR-15 WG
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