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90 to 140 GHz, 300 mV/mW Sensitivity, F Band, WR-08 Waveguide Detector


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Waveguide Detector 90 to 140 GHz, 300 mV/mW Sensitivity, F Band, WR-08

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Minimum Frequency:
90 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
140 GHz
300 mV/mW
Sensitivity Flatness:
±2.0 dB
RF Input Power:
-20 dBm
Video Bandwidth:
10 MHz
Output Voltage Polarity:
RF Port:
WR-08 Waveguide

Model STD-08SF-NI is an F Band waveguide detector that covers the frequency range of 90 to 140 GHz. The detector is zero biased and intended for small signal detection and network analyzer applications. Due to the proprietary circuitry design and careful diode selection, the detector exhibits high sensitivity and extremely flat output characteristics. The detector is designed to have a 10 MHz video bandwidth and a 1 MΩ video output impedance. The minimum detectable signal level is approximately -50 dBm. A Faraday isolator is integrated to improve the input port VSWR.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 90 GHz
Maximum Frequency 140 GHz
Sensitivity 300 mV/mW
Sensitivity Flatness ±2.0 dB
RF Input Power -20 dBm
Video Bandwidth 10 MHz
VSWR 1.4:1
Output Voltage Polarity Negative
RF Port WR-08 Waveguide

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