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95 Watt Power Dissipation Capacity Universal Heatsink


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95 Watt Power Dissipation Capacity Universal Heatsink

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Dissipation Capacity:
95 Watt
Fan Power:
+12 Vdc

Model SUA-95-S1-2 is a universal heatsink, which is designed and fabricated for SAGE Millimeter's active device applications with up to 95 watt power dissipation. The heatsink consists of the main heatsink body, a DC fan and a heat spreader. The heat spreader is also known as adapter, which is used to bridge the mounting gap between the heatsink main body and the to-be-heat-sunk devices, such as power amplifier, frequency active multiplier, oscillator, transmitter and transceiver due to various mounting hole locations. The heat spreader offers various mounting patterns to accommodate more than 15 product models. This heatsink is not only designed for SAGE Millimeter's standard products, but also for many industrial standard microwave and millimeterwave products offered by other manufacturers. Other heatsinks with different power dissipation capacities are offered under different model numbers.

This item has limited stock. If you need more units than what is available, we recommend purchasing this version under model number SUA-95-S1.

Technical Details

Dissipation Capacity 95 Watt
Fan Power +12 Vdc
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