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Dual Polarized Antennas

simulated-or-measured-simple-antenna-performance-which-one-is-betterDual polarized horn antennas are offered as both standard and custom models with rectangular waveguide interfaces for both horizontal and vertical ports. These dual polarized horn antennas support both linear and elliptical polarized waveforms. When the antenna receives a circular polarized waveform, equal amplitude linear polarized waveforms are output at both horizontal and vertical ports. When two equal amplitude linear polarized waveforms are input into the vertical and horizontal ports, the antenna will transmit a circular polarized waveform. The listed models offer 15 dB nominal gain and 33/28 degrees typical half power beamwidth at the center frequency of the band. They also exhibit 40 dB typical port isolation and 35 dB nominal cross polarization. These antennas cover full waveguide bandwidths within the frequency range of 8.2 to 110 GHz. In addition to the models listed below, models with 10, 20, 23 and 25 dB gain and other frequency bands are also available.



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