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Rectangular Horn Antennas

rectangular-horn-conical-horn-and-lens-corrected-antennassimulated-or-measured-simple-antenna-performance-which-one-is-betterSAGE Millimeter wave rectangular gain horns, also called pyramidal gain horns, are offered as both standard and custom models with a rectangular waveguide interface. The pyramidal gain horns only support linear polarization. With a calibrated gain chart, these horns can be used to measure the gain of other antennas by comparing the generated signal levels of both. For this reason, these horns are also referred to as standard gain horns. The listed models offer 23 dB nominal gain, 10/11 degrees typical half power beamwidth and 14 dB/30 dB typical side lobe levels at the center frequency of the band. These horns cover full waveguide bandwidths within the frequency range of 8.2 to 170 GHz. In addition to the models listed below, models with 10, 15, 20 and 25 dB gain and other frequency bands are also available.


coaxial-connector-horns.png dual-polarized-horns standardgainhorns.png

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