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Lens Corrected Antennas

rectangular-horn-conical-horn-and-lens-corrected-antennassimulated-or-measured-simple-antenna-performance-which-one-is-betterLens corrected antennas are offered with either a circular or rectangular waveguide interface. While lens corrected antennas with a rectangular waveguide interface can only support linear polarization, models with a circular waveguide interface can support various polarization types including horizontal, vertical, left-handed circular, and right-handed circular polarization for broader applications. These antennas are designed and constructed to offer high efficiency, low side lobes and a rugged mechanical configuration. In general, lens corrected antennas are ideal for achieving gain levels of up to 30 dB with moderate side lobe rejections. Additionally, its dielectric lens provides phase error corrections and serves as a radome to protect from environmental conditions.



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