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Orthomode Transducers

duplexing-circulator-or-omtsimulated-or-measured-simple-antenna-performance-which-one-is-betterOrthomode transducers, or OMTs, are used to either separate a waveform that is input through the circular waveguide into two orthogonal waveforms or to combine two orthogonal waveforms into one waveform at the circular waveguide output. Orthomode transducers can support circular, elliptical and linear polarized waveforms. By adding a compact square to circular waveguide mode transition to the A-port (antenna-port), these orthomode transducers can be utilized for applications requiring a circular waveguide interface. The standard offering covers the frequency range of 8.2 to 140 GHz and features rectangular waveguides at the H- and V-port and a square or circular waveguide at the A-port (antenna port). While full waveguide band models are available for X through W band, narrow band models with enhanced cross polarization and port isolation are offered as custom models.


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