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Case Studies


Ka-Band Receiver Module 64-Way Switch Network and Ka-Band Transmitter Module 8-Way Switch Network designed by SAGE Millimeter
5G millimeter wave channel characterization, integral to the development of the architecture and design of new wireless networks. The sounder is unique in its ability to quickly capture and process real-time channel parameter measurements.

5 Months

TX and RX modules that include sector antennas, amplifiers, and switch networks to support system requirements. To realize the project in such a short amount of time, SAGE engineers relied on their millimeter-wave hardware experience and drew heavily from manufacturing knowledge gained through the development of their standard product offering.

The channel sounder is motorized and can travel up to 8 mph. It is capable of making 6,000 measurements per minute and its real-time signal processing can generate an enormous amount of data. The equipment will be used to model the 28 GHz portion of the spectrum and will be formally deployed later this year.