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Coaxial Bandstop Filters

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  • 20 to 30 GHz, 50 dB Minimum Rejection , 2.92 mm Coaxial Bandstop Filter (SCF-25310325-KFKF-B3)
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    20 to 30 GHz, 50 dB Rejection, 2.92 mm Coaxial Bandstop Filter

    Minimum Passband Frequency, High Side:
    20 GHz
    Maximum Passband Frequency, High Side:
    30 GHz
    Minimum Rejection Frequency, Low Side:
    Maximum Rejection Frequency, Low Side:
    25 GHz
    Rejection, Low Side:
    50 dB
    Rejection, High Side:
    25 dB
    Passband Return Loss:
    14 dB
    RF Ports:
    2.92 mm Female
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