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Balanced Upconverters

Balanced upconverters are GaAs beam lead Schottky diode-based mixers. The upconverters employ a broadband circuitry and balanced structure to offer low conversion loss and harmonics for full waveguide band and broad IF bandwidth operations. An externally biased mixer option can be offered when the available LO power is low, particularly in the higher waveguide bands. The below standard offering covers the frequency range of 18 to 170 GHz. While these models focus on full bandwidth operations for most applications, custom models are available to meet specific application needs.

active-frequency-multipliers amplitude-detectors balanced-mixers.png double-sideband-modulators.png harmonic-mixers.png passive-frequency-multipliers quadrature-mixers.png single-sideband-modulators.png subharmonically-pumped-mixers.png subharmonically-pumped-quadrature-mixers.png subharmonic-single-sideband-modulators

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