SAGE Millimeter, Inc. IMS 2018 Booth #1103

SAGE Millimeter welcomes you to join us in Philadelphia at IMS2018

June 12 - 14, 2018 @ Philadelphia Convention Center | Booth 1103

SAGE Millimeter IMS 2018 Booth

Visit our booth to meet our team and see how we can help you win the race to 5G. Find us at IMS2018.

SAGE Millimeter Direct Reading Attenuator E Band

Direct Reading Attenuators

Model Number: STA-60-12-D8

Model STA-60-12-D8 is an instrumentation grade, high precision and high attenuation range direct reading, rotary vane attenuator for use in millimeter wave test sets across the standard E-band frequency range of 60 to 90 GHz. The attenuator has a large scale calibrated dial which indicates the attenuation value directly. The attenuator is an ideal piece of equipment in waveguide systems where a broad direct reading of attenuation is required. The attenuator exhibits exceptional repeatability during frequent attenuation setting operations. The attenuator exhibits 1.0 dB typical insertion loss and up to maximum 70 dB attenuation. The accuracy of the attenuator is 0.1 dB or 1% of the reading up to 60 dB, and “for reference only” above 70 dB.

SAGE Millimeter Programmable Attenuator W Band

Programmable Attenuators

Model Number: STA-60-10-P8

Model STA-60-10-P8 is an instrumentation grade, high precision and high attenuation range motorized programmable attenuator for use in millimeterwave systems across the standard W-band frequency range of 75 to 110 GHz. The attenuation control and power interface is an integrated and pre-configured Lantronix Xport AR device with an Ethernet port (RJ45) which is used to accommodate remote operations from 0 to 60 dB and up to 70 dB attenuation value. The attenuator can be accurately controlled with the increments of 0.1 dB between 0 and 40 dB and 0.2 dB between 40 and 50 dB. Above 50 dB, the control is realized by using the STEPS feature and the attenuation value is for reference only (see manual for more details). To operate remotely, download the ‘DeviceInstaller’ program and firmware from Latronix onto a local computer. The attenuator is powered and controlled with a PoE enabled Ethernet cord via the Ethernet cable provided.

SAGE Millimeter Waveguide Quick Connect

Waveguide Quick Connect

Model Number: SWH-QC-0750C-R2

Model SWH-QC-0750C-R2 is a waveguide quick connect apparatus, which is designed and manufactured primarily for quick connect and disconnect operations, for 0.75” circular flanges. The quick connect allows for the fast mating and clamping of two flanges with an easy turning of the hand screws. It is designed to be used for UG-385/U, UG-387/U, and UG-387/U-M flanges and is intended for lab or sub-assembly use where frequent connects and disconnects are encountered. In addition, it is also designed for sub-assemblies and lab setup where the waveguide flange connections are in a tight space and not enough room is presented for standard waveguide screw connections. Furthermore, the quick connect provides even pressure on the flanges in order to create a perfect connection that reduces signal leakage due to waveguide misalignment. The model for 1.125” circular flanges, such as UG381/U and UG383/U and UG383/U-M is offered under model number SWH-QC-1125C-R2. In addition, a matched post stand is also offered under model number of SWH-QC-0750C-RS-B for bench top and/or tripod mount applications.

SAGE Millimeter Flexguide


Model Number: SWG-22354-FB-FT-A-G

Model SWG-22354-FB-FT-A-G is a 35.4” (900 mm) long, Q-band flexible and twistable waveguide section with the WR-22 waveguide and UG-383/U anti-cocking flange. It also has a vulcanized silicone rubber jacket for robustness applications. The waveguide features a flexible bend with a static twist to be long-term stress free when it is integrated in the system. The flanges of the waveguide are grooved to accepting rubber rings to be watertight for outdoor applications. The waveguide is manufactured with a precision manufacturing process to ensure high quality. The waveguide has low insertion loss in the frequency range of 33 to 50 GHz. Various standard and custom length options are available under different model numbers.

From the SAGE Team

This past year, we took a moment to contemplate our goals as members of the millimeterwave movement. It helped us update our vision statement at a time when our technology is more relevant than ever. We decided that this is what we want to do:

“To enable RF engineers in their journeys to create the technology of the future. To do this with compassion for the customer and for our colleagues, always.”

One of the objectives of attending IMS2018 is to share this purpose with the industry. Visitors will be able to meet SAGE team members who are guiding our growth and shaping our culture as we mature into an established leader in the millimeterwave space. They’ll have a chance to discuss technological innovation happening at SAGE and within the wider marketplace and learn how we practice continuous improvement in everything that we do. Vision statements are known to be lofty, but we know to pursue our big dreams with patience. Come see how we plan to make an impact one product, one client, and one team member at a time.

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