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Noise Sources

Full band noise sources are silicon IMPATT diode-based, solid-state noise sources. These noise sources implement a high performance diode and propriety circuit design to offer high ENR with extreme flatness across the entire waveguide bandwidth. The below standard models cover the frequency range of 26.5 to 170 GHz and feature an integrated Faraday isolator to improve the port VSWR for a more reliable noise figure measurement. The operating voltage of the standard models is +28 VDC via a female BNC connector, which is compatible with industry standard noise meters, such as Keysight models. In addition, these noise sources can work in either a CW or pulse AM operation mode. The AM modulation mode is triggered by a TTL control signal via a female SMA connector. While standard models are equipped with a waveguide interface, other interfaces are available as custom models.

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