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Phase Locked Oscillators

Phase locked oscillators (PLO) utilize state-of-the-art planar circuits, three-terminal devices and dielectric resonator technology to generate high-quality microwave signals at lower frequencies. Frequency multipliers, amplifiers and filters are used to extend the low frequencies for higher frequency requirements. The standard offering covers the frequency range of 2 to 110 GHz and provides both internal and external reference options. The frequency stability and phase noise are dependent on the oscillator reference type.


bias-tuned-gunn-oscillators.png dielectricresonatoroscillators gunn-oscillator-regulators.png mechanically-tuned-gunn-oscillators.png phase-locked-oscillators.png varactor-tuned-gunn-oscillators.png voltage-controlled-oscillator.png volume-production-oscillators.png wide-mechanical-tuning-bandwidth-gunn-oscillators.png

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