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Volume Production Oscillators

Volume production oscillators utilize either high performance GaAs Gunn diodes with high Q cavity designs or state-of-the-art FET devices with dielectric resonators to yield excellent phase noise and stability. These oscillators are free running with extremely high frequency and power stability. The oscillators are generally designed and manufactured for fixed frequency applications. However, fine frequency adjustments can be achieved by mechanically tuning the provided self-locking screw. While the below standard models are offered for immediate production release, custom models are also available.


bias-tuned-gunn-oscillators.png dielectricresonatoroscillators gunn-oscillator-regulators.png mechanically-tuned-gunn-oscillators.png phase-locked-oscillators.png varactor-tuned-gunn-oscillators.png voltage-controlled-oscillator.png wide-mechanical-tuning-bandwidth-gunn-oscillators.png

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