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Our Story

SAGE Millimeter, Inc. is a woman-owned, U.S.-owned, and ITAR-registered technology company focused on developing high performance microwave and millimeterwave components and subassemblies for commercial and military system applications. SAGE Millimeter’s product offerings range from standard catalog products to custom-designed, application-, performance-, or function-specific products.
The catalog products are organized into ten families according to their functionalities. While these products cover most general application categories in the industry, SAGE Millimeter is committed to designing and manufacturing custom products to meet customers’ specifications or assisting customers to define their system products by using the most available microwave and millimeterwave technologies.

To become a trusted microwave and millimeterwave technology company that offers well engineered, high quality, superior performance and cost effective products to the industry.

To satisfy our customers by providing timely and effective product solutions without compromising quality, performance, cost, or delivery. To empower our employees with respect, opportunity, and a rewarding working environment.


SAGE Millimeter principals have many years of experience in the microwave and millimeterwave component and subassembly industry. The company is led with comprehensive knowledge about the engineering and manufacturing process and the quality requirements of the industry. SAGE Millimeter maintains a strong commitment to quality and has been operating according to AS9100 Rev. C standards.

Quality and operation processes are in place to ensure that customers’ requirements and specifications are met and exceeded. In the tradition of its founders, SAGE Millimeter is committed to satisfying customers by providing well-engineered, cost-effective, high quality and on-time delivered products.

Located in Torrance, California, SAGE Millimeter benefits from the proximity of leading aerospace, defense and telecommunication companies, research laboratories and universities by taking advantage of skilled professionals and diversified vendors while working closely with industry leaders to design, develop, and produce many state-of-the-art performance and specific application oriented products.