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Doppler Sensor Modules

Doppler sensor modules are speed sensors that are designed and manufactured to measure the speed and direction of moving objects. The operating frequency for these sensors is at 24, 76.5 and 95 GHz; the RF interface is a standard WR-42, WR-12 and WR-10 waveguide, respectively. The sensor modules support a TE10 mode operation and are configured with a T/R diplexer, a single or I/Q receiver and a transmitter/receiver oscillator in an integrated package. Models with an I/Q receiver can detect the speed and direction of moving targets simultaneously. While three catalog models with a single receiver are listed below, additional models, such as those with an I/Q receiver can be found on the website. In addition, custom models are available to meet unique application needs.

doppler-radar-target-simulators.png ranging-sensor-heads.png ranging-sensor-modules.png speed-sensor-heads.png

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