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Ranging Sensor Heads

Ranging sensor heads are based on FMCW radar principles. These sensor heads are designed and manufactured for long range moving or stationary target measurement. The ranging sensor heads below have an operation frequency of 24.125 GHz and 35 GHz, respectively. The antenna and sensor module are the two major parts in a sensor head assembly. Various antenna types, such as horn, lens corrected and microstrip array, are offered for integration with sensor modules to offer various configuration options for different applications. The sensor modules are configured with a T/R diplexer, a single or I/Q receiver and a transmitter/receiver oscillator in an integrated package. Models with an I/Q receiver can detect the speed, range and direction of moving targets. While catalog models are offered with specific configurations and specifications, custom models are available to meet unique application needs.

doppler-radar-target-simulators.pngdoppler-sensor-modules ranging-sensor-modules.png speed-sensor-heads.png

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