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Doppler Radar Target Simulators

Doppler Radar Target SimulatorsSTR series Doppler radar simulators are single-sideband-modulator-based radar simulators with the following working mechanism: a signal emitted by the radar under testing is received through the antenna port and fed into a single sideband modulator through a diplexer. The single sideband modulator modulates the incoming signal and sends either a higher or lower band signal back to the diplexer. The frequency-shifted signal is transmitted back to the antenna as a Doppler signal that is received by the radar under testing. The amount of frequency shifted equals the input modulation frequency, i.e., the intermediate frequency (IF). By adjusting the IF, the phase of the IF’s “I” and “Q” channels and the routing attenuation, speed, direction and radar cross-section of the target can be simulated.
Doppler radar simulators offer Doppler radar manufacturers an economic means of evaluating their products by replacing the need for expensive and time-consuming field tests. The below standard models with level setting and direct reading attenuators are offered for common Doppler radar frequencies. However, models with different operation frequencies are also available.

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