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WR-05 (G Band) Fixed Waveguide Open


4 to 6 Weeks ARO

WR-05 Waveguide Open, Fixed (SWO-05-F1)

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Minimum Frequency:
140 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
220 GHz
SWI-05021-SB Length:
0.021" (L)
Waveguide Flange:
UG-387/U-M Flange
Waveguide Short Type:

Model SWO-05-F1 is a fixed waveguide open with a UG-387/U-M flange covering the frequency range from 140 to 220 GHz. The product consists of a waveguide short (model number SWS-VG-F1) and a ¼ λg waveguide shim (model number SWI-05021-SB). The waveguide shim is 0.021" thick offering perfect open at the center frequency of 180 GHz when combined with the waveguide short. The product is manufactured with a precision machining process to ensure high quality and ruggedness. The open offers good reflection in the entire frequency range.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 140 GHz
Maximum Frequency 220 GHz
SWI-05021-SB Length 0.021" (L)
Waveguide Flange UG-387/U-M Flange
Waveguide Short Type Fixed
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