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WR-34 Waveguide, 300 mm (11.81") Flexible Twistable Waveguide (Flexguide) Section


6 to 8 Weeks ARO

WR-34 Waveguide, 300 mm (11.81") Flexible Twistable Waveguide (Flexguide) Section (SWG-34118-FB-FT)

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Minimum Frequency:
22 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
33 GHz
Return Loss:
18 dB
Insertion Loss:
0.3 dB
Insertion Length:
Waveguide Size:
WR-34 Waveguide

Model SWG-34118-FB-FT is a 11.81” (300 mm) long, WR-34 Band flexible and twistable waveguide section with UG-1530/U flanges. It also has a vulcanized silicone rubber jacket for robustness applications. The waveguide features a flexible bend with a static twist to be long-term stress free when it is integrated into systems. The waveguide is manufactured with a precision manufacturing process to ensure high quality. The waveguide has low insertion loss in the frequency range of 22 to 33 GHz. Various standard and custom length options are available under different model numbers.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 22 GHz
Maximum Frequency 33 GHz
Return Loss 18 dB
Insertion Loss 0.3 dB
Insertion Length 11.81"
Waveguide Size WR-34 Waveguide

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