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WR-42 Waveguide to K(M) Coax Panel Mount Adapter


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Waveguide to Coax Panel Mount Adapter WR-42 Waveguide to K(M)

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Minimum Frequency:
18 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
26.5 GHz
Insertion Loss:
0.30 dB
Return Loss:
20 dB
Power Handling:
50 W
Waveguide Port:
WR-42 Waveguide
Coax Type:
K (2.92 mm)
Coax Gender:

Model SWC-42KM-E1-WR is an end launch (180°) K-Band waveguide to coax panel mount adapter that covers the frequency range of 18 to 26.5 GHz. The adapter is designed and manufactured for panel mount instrumentation applications and allows for an efficient transition between the rectangular waveguide and 2.92 mm (K) coax connector. The adapter is also specially designed to be weather resistant.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 18 GHz
Maximum Frequency 26.5 GHz
Insertion Loss 0.30 dB
Return Loss 20 dB
Power Handling 50 W
Waveguide Port WR-42 Waveguide
Coax Type K (2.92 mm)
Coax Gender Male
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