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WR-90 Waveguide to SMA (M) Coax Adapter, Right Angle


8 to 10 Weeks ARO

WR-90 Waveguide to SMA (M) Coax Adapter, Right Angle (SWC-90SM-R5)

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Minimum Frequency:
8.2 GHz
Maximum Frequency:
12.4 GHz
Insertion Loss:
0.20 dB
Return Loss:
20 dB
Power Handling:
150 W
Waveguide Port:
WR-90 Waveguide
Coax Type:
Coax Gender:
Right Angle (90°)

Models SWC-90SF-R5 and SWC-90SM-R5 are right angle (90°) X-Band waveguide to coax adapters that cover the frequency range of 8.2 to 12.4 GHz. They are designed and manufactured for instrumentation grade quality but offered at a commercial grade price, allowing for an efficient transition between the rectangular waveguide and SMA coax connector. The end launch (180°) versions are offered under model numbers SWC-90SF-E5 and SWC-90SM-E5.

Technical Details

Minimum Frequency 8.2 GHz
Maximum Frequency 12.4 GHz
Insertion Loss 0.20 dB
Return Loss 20 dB
Power Handling 150 W
Waveguide Port WR-90 Waveguide
Coax Type SMA
Coax Gender Male
Configuration Right Angle (90°)
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